Prenatal Yoga
@Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre
@ Dharma padma yoga space

I am teaching small group at dharmapadma yoga space


 NEW! Yoga therapy Private Lesson

Are you hesitate to go to the studio? Yoga therapy is for all people who wanna practice yoga. I give you special menu sheet for your condition and you can practice at home. Simple,but very effective.

Mama&Baby Yoga
@和 and Dharmapadma yoga space


Welcome to mama's network. Suffering from stiff shoulder and backache?Let's do Yoga for you then baby stretch yoga and Baby and Mama yoga

 Preseli Bluestone Healing (RARE and NEW)

Preseli bluestone crystal is made from the same type of material that the amazing Stonehenge stone circle is made from.This crystal can heal past present and future, purification vibe is strong and can help you when you need

Private Yoga lesson with a lot of bonus
If you can come to my house, no transportation fee.
I can make yoga class according to your health condition. Not only yoga, but healing service is ready for you


Woman Yoga for menopause
@Kokugo Kyoshitsu


Kids yoga at school
As a mindfulness ambassador, I am ready to introduce 2wks yoga course for your school.
Teen Yoga
         10-18 yrs
This stage for kids are tremendously changing day by day. Need a balance in their life. It is a good time to start to learn mindfulness into their life


Yoga with Reiki Healing OR Reiki Healing session


In Yoga session,Final relaxation time or after relaxation, you can get Reiki treatment. Reiki help you to make prana flow better and maintain your health.



Fertility Yoga

If you are longing for a new baby, come to our class.

After you practice some classes, you can learn Partner Yoga with us(No need to take your partner, I can teach with you. Then you can teach your partner at home)


Aura Reading session

If you are longing for healing, this session is really practical. Not only aura clearing, but also your past lives can heal. Try one session with friendly price limited time


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